The Ads Manager is associated with your personal Facebook account (and credit card) and allows you to manage the advertising for one or more Facebook business pages.

To allow someone to help manage or run advertisements for any of your Facebook Pages from the Ads Manager, you need to add them as a user/admin to the Ads Manager. This is a different role to the ‘advertiser’ role assigned at business Page level. (I have no idea why they have made this so complicated!)

Step 1: Access the Ads Manager Settings

  • This link should take you to the Ads Manager settings.
  • The other way to access the Ads Manager settings is to go to your Ads Manager – while logged in to Facebook type in “” and it will pull up your Ads Manager – then click the ‘hamburger icon’ at the top left to access the Ads Manager menu. If you do not see the full menu as shown  below, Facebook might be showing you a short menu so look for the link that says ‘See all..”


  • Select ‘Settings’ on the far right.


Step 2: Add users

  • Under ‘Settings’ / ‘Ad Accounts’ you will see the option to add People. You can only add ‘Friends’ so you need to have the person ‘friend’ you on Facebook first. Then give the person the appropriate level of access.


There is another platform – the Business Manager – which can be used to manage your Facebook Business Page(s) and doesn’t require friendship with your Ads Manager administrators, but this is a whole different level of complexity that is good to live without if you can get away with it.

See how to add a user / admin on your Facebook Page