To help administer your business Facebook page, it often makes sense to add other people to help with certain aspects of Page management. This is done from your Facebook business page.

Note that:

  • you can only add people to help manage your page if they have a Facebook account. If they are not your friend on Facebook, then you may need to have the email address they use to log on to Facebook so that you can find them.
  • there are options for different roles, from admin to analyst, and therefore different levels of access so you don’t need to give anyone full access unless you want/need to.

Step 1: Select ‘Settings’ from your Facebook Page


Add user to Facebook account - step 1

Step 2: Select ‘Page Roles’ and type in the person’s name or email address

Type in the person’s name and Facebook will display matches so you can select the person. If the person you are looking for does not appear in the display field, type in the email address they use to log in to Facebook and you should get the right person show up.

Assign an appropriate Page Role. Facebook gives a short description of the features and access granted when you assign the different roles. Visit the following link for more information on the various roles 

Add user to Facebook account - step 2


Note that if the ‘Advertiser’ role you see here simply allows that person to boost a post and use the functions under the Boost Post panel on your business Page. It does not give that person access to your Ads Manager.

What is the Ads Manager?

The Ads Manager is associated with your personal Facebook account (and credit card) and allows you to manage the advertising for one or more Facebook business pages.

The Ads Manager provides an extremely comprehensive advertising tool that allows you to do things like set up advanced audiences, such as website visitors (you need to get a pixel/cookie), and run adverts that do not appear on your Facebook page (because you are targeting a different audience such as website visitors).

Being able to run adverts in the background (also known as dark adverts), means that you can run variations on different adverts, trying out different offers and audiences to see what works best.

However, you need to add a different set of advertiser admins for your Ads Manager because this person can see and potentially manage the advertising for all your business pages.

How to give someone admin access to your Facebook Ads Manager