How using remarketing and email marketing in your online sales system creates a catch-all for prospects and gets you a better ROI!

The online sales “funnel”

The metaphor of the sales funnel is familiar to many, and the traditional funnel suggests that we should drive as many prospects as possible in at the top due to guaranteed wastage. With online marketing  this need not be the case because online marketing allows you to:

  1. super target only the prospects that are likely to convert, and if they don’t convert on first contact,
  2. set up a system (an example is shown below), to gently nurture every one of those prospects until they are ready to buy.

In fact, it doesn’t look much like a funnel at all. However, many marketing professionals and business owners focus only on reach, paying little attention to what happens when the prospect lands on their website and as a result customers do slip away – and return on investment seems slim. I believe that this approach is simply because people don’t understand what can be done with remarketing, and email marketing.

I believe that this approach is simply because people don’t understand what can be done with remarketing, and email marketing online.

Converting every click

The infographic below shows a marketing system that uses AdWords to reach prospects and Facebook and email for remarketing. Click to enlarge and scroll down for an explanation. Conversion optimised marketing system Because we love acronyms in marketing, I want to introduce you to this one: RANC. Reach, Action, Nurture, Convert.


There are many ways you can reach prospects online, but whichever method you choose, try to make it as targeted as possible so that there is a good chance that the prospect will eventually buy, and won’t mind being remarketed too. You also won’t be wasting your time and money on no hopers. In this example I am using AdWords because using a combination of quality keywords and highly targeted text adverts brings in qualified prospects. Naturally, I would be delighted to welcome any prospects via organic search.


The prospect should land on a very targeted landing page on your site. Dumping the prospect on your home page and hoping they’ll find the information they need is  a big “no no”. If they are ready to buy, you should make it easy for them to do so; if they are not ready you should have a back-up plan. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Get their email address with due notification that you will be sending them updates. Offer information (newsletter, webinar, free video information) or discounts (downloadable vouchers), ask questions or offer lower-cost entry level products.
  2. Get them to like your Facebook Page
  3. Get them to share your content.


If you do get an email address then of course, with the appropriate permissions, you can send out educational, empowering and entertaining  (the three ‘E’s of engagement) emails. But more than this, you can upload your mailing list to Facebook so that you can run targeted Facebook advertising campaigns to these prospects within Facebook. Facebook’s visual nature and ease of linking back to your site means such campaigns can be very powerful at nurturing prospects. And, thanks to the wonder of technology, if you fail to get an email address, you still have remarketing options. I like Facebook remarketing, but Google AdWords has this functionality too.

What is remarketing?

You’ll definitely have experienced this. In the example above, a bit of Facebook code on your website tracks your website visitors (via “cookies”), and Facebook allows you to advertise to this audience when they visit Facebook (you don’t get to see who they are so privacy is maintained). Note that Facebook requires that your audience consent to being remarketed to, so be sure to have the appropriate cookie notices on your site. There is usually a time limit, so that if the person does not revisit your site despite your messaging, they will automatically drop off the list. They are clearly NOT interested so that is fine.


This needs little explanation but it’s the ideal that we all want. It can be achieved through reaching the right prospects, ideally spurring them to some action, then nurturing those that are not quite ready to buy, until that happy day arrives.

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