A weekly project to write, design and implement an email newsletter, a linked blog post and downloadable PDF flyer showcasing a chosen product, for example a new product, or product selection from the client’s range.

Case study - email marketing, blog post and downloadable PDF

The programme serves several functions:

  • The email educates, and nurtures a relationship with current contacts
  • The linked blog post provides further information, and by clicking the link, the prospects identify themselves as interested in that product/range. The sales team can then follow up.
  • By visiting the website the contact may be tagged by remarketing cookies, and subsequently reached via Facebook or AdWords.
  • The email recipient may request samples or download a neutrally branded PDF to use as a sales aid when talking to their clients.
  • The search engine optimised blog post will, with time, attract new prospects to the website through search.

The client

Intermed Asia is a global supplier of interactive promotional gift items though a network of agents.


  • The client provides a bullet pointed brief and we discuss the project on a WhatsApp call.
  • I then write and design a draft, the client provides feedback and I then create the Mailchimp E-newsletter, write and publish the corresponding WordPress blog and create a downloadable PDF flyer version using InDesign.
  • The e-newsletter send is segmented to different audiences (by country) and the newsletter is adapted slightly for each different audience.
  • The turnaround is usually 4-5 days.

Marketing management

The focus of the email is to add value to the agents by helping them sell Intermed’s products to their clients. To this end, we provide a popular neutrally branded PDF flyer for the agents to download to use when talking to their clients.

Another strategy is to provide suggestions for how the agents might present the products to their clients, so we may often present the same products under different themes, such as Top 10 Corporate Anniversary Gifts or ‘Kick off 2018 with the Best Sports-themed Promotional Gifts’.

To optimise open rates and click through rates, we A/B test subject lines.

View a sample email newsletter with link to blog post.