Shamrock Catering Group offers a wide range of services however many people only knew Shamrock for its original sandwich delivery service. Our objective was to reach new prospects, and educate current and new prospects in the range and quality of the client’s offerings with the goal of conversion.

A strong email marketing campaign nurtures contacts on a mailing list developed over time. Email newsletters are visual way to help recipients understand the breadth of Shamrock’s services, new offerings and enjoy promotions.

These prospects are also exposed to a nurturing and visual Facebook advertising campaign which rotates between the different business areas.



A key way of attracting new prospects is through targeted Google AdWords PPC campaigns. Many leads convert directly; those that don’t may enter a competition or follow on social media. All site visitors will be tagged with a Facebook “cookie” and when these prospects subsequently visit Facebook, the client reaches them with targeted and visually appealing Facebook adverts.

The client manages postings to their own Facebook newsfeed, where we have encouraged them to share images of the food as a photo speaks a thousand words and helps people see for themselves that Shamrock Catering is so much more than sandwiches.