In 2015 Hollywood Hair was a newcomer on the scene in Hong Kong yet the salon was soon “everywhere”. We helped them get there.



We started working with Hollywood Hair several years ago when Rennie shared a space with a beauty salon in Central. Opportunity knocked, and Rennie took over Philip George’s space on Duddell Street – and Hollywood Hair was born.

Conduit Communications designed and set up the Hollywood Hair bilingual and responsive website – glamorous and very Gatsby – as was the brief.

With a combination of Facebook targeted advertising (fans, website visitors remarketing,  custom audience and lookalike audiences), AdWords PPC advertising, email marketing and PR work, Hollywood Hair soon become front of mind with a string of campaigns, including a flash rainy-day offer, to a “Hint Hint” campaign for Mother’s Day.

Our campaigns were designed for REACH, ACTION, NURTURE and CONVERSION.

In just two short years,  Hollywood Hair came from nowhere to win the 2015 SassyMama Favourite Salon award, and the Sassy Runner Up for favourite salon.