email marketing on mobileThe rise of mobile smartphones has changed the way people view their email newsletters – and when they do.

A very popularly quoted time is: “11am on a Tuesday”. Yes. Exactly. And at one time that may have been the case because back then, we read our email newsletters at our desktop, and about mid morning on a Tuesday would have been a pretty good time to take a break and read some newsletters.

But two things have changed:

  1. Email inboxes have got smarter, filtering out emails  they consider “not important” – such as all those informative email newsletters – so you can focus on your “important” emails.
  2. Mobile smart phones are ubiquitous, and allow people to check their unfiltered inbox on the go, and for most people that means on the daily commute.

So this leads us to two important marketing points:

  1. The best time of the day to send an email marketing newsletter is:
    • For 9-5 (or 6) commuters  probably around commuting time, either early in the morning, or at the end of the work day.
    • For those who are more homebound – you’ll need to decide when they are likely to be taking some down-time to check their email. I can suggest that for mums with a newborn, it is probably at about 1am. For kids? On the way to and from school, and so on. But you can bet that they will be increasingly viewing their mail on their mobiles, which means…
  2. You need to be sure that your email newsletter is mobile friendly, and if you are asking people to click through to your website to read the bulk of any story, or as a call to action, then your website should be mobile friendly (responsive) too.

You can be sure that the mobile trend is on the increase. We see it in our client’s Google analytics where, after we send out an email newsletter we see a spike in traffic to the website coming from mobile phones. In addition, Matt Cutts, Google (search) Guru, predicts a massive shift to  mobile viewing , citing a statistic that the number of people viewing YouTube (a Google toy),  on their mobiles had shifted from 6% in 2011 to 25% in 2012, to 40% in 2013. That is massive.

I am sure that at some point, they’ll work out a way to filter emails on your mobiles,  but until then, and while the mobile viewing numbers  are on the increase, you definitely need to be thinking mobile if you want to get your email newsletter read.