It works!

Email marketing is the glue that holds your marketing efforts together. Your email database stores all leads and customer names  – from Facebook, Linkedin, print adverts, events, and so on – and by keeping in constant contact with these leads, you have the opportunity to educate, build trust, generate referrals and be front of mind when the time comes for your lead to make a purchase.

Email marketing is the glue that holds your marketing efforts together.

Repetition builds business

It is a rule of marketing that frustrates many business owners: a prospect will rarely buy from you on the first encounter. It’s a combination of factors including need, trust and timing.  With email marketing you can take your prospects’ names and with time build trust, build a need and, when the moment comes that their need becomes real, your name is the first that comes to mind! Repetition builds business.

And for those people who have no interest? They will unsubscribe and that is fine too.

Marketing leads left hanging…

Without email marketing, many marketing efforts result in loose ends that are just left hanging. Consider how many enquiries you have received from adverts, from a news article, or through your web. Consider how many namecards you have collected over time. If the prospects didn’t convert on that first encounter, what happened to those names?

Of course, with deep pockets you can continue advertising, networking and paying a PR expert. On the other hand, if your prospects have any degree of interest, they will usually agree to receive an informative e-News sent out periodically. Then you can start relationship building and that leads to business building — with few exceptions.