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Give us your bullet points… and let us work magic

Whether it’s for an in-person PPT presentation where you will do the talking, or for a PDF presentation where the document needs to speak for itself, we can help. We can take your bullet points and data and interpret it in graphic form, making it easier for your audience to quickly understand your key points.

PowerPoint for in-person presentations

If the PowerPoint is for an in-person presentation the visuals need to be strong and support your script; the slides should not be wordy and a substitute for a teleprompter. We can help you extract the key facts and source images or source/create suitable graphics to make a powerful presentation.

PowerPoint for a PDF brochure

This can be used as a handout that people will take away after a live presentation, or a PDF document you use to introduce your services, products and ideas via email or by posting on social media. In either case, it will contain more text than your in-person presentation.

In most cases you will need both types of presentation.

Things to know

  • As far as is possible, we will set up your PowerPoint so that you can edit it yourself in the future.
  • We can/will set up master slides, a colour palette and theme fonts so that you know that you can keep in style if you want to make edits.
  • If you do need a professional printed brochure, we can take the content of your presentation and recreate it in graphic design software and arrange printing.

We can:

  • Create simple but professional PPT slides using your company’s corporate template.
  • Create a template design and slides using your corporate guidelines or branding.
  • Create a custom-designed template and slides.

If you would like to see examples of past makeovers, please email us.


The purpose of a slide is to help you communicate the conclusion and insights; they should reinforce and illustrate your words – not repeat them.


Please email for more information. 




Please email for more information. 

 * Discretion assured. We’ve been trusted with some pretty big secrets in the past. Comfortable with NDAs if required.