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This section covers the services we can provide to support companies who do not have the in-house resources to put their marketing plan into effect. Please read more about our consulting and coaching services to learn how we can help set up an integrated online marketing plan, a necessary first step!

Branding and graphic design

Online marketing is visual, from your company’s branding on your website through to the visuals that are needed to illustrate posts, brand your videos,  bring a competition to life, and graphics that add value, such as info graphics or “memes”.

Branding and logo design
Brand identity guidelines
Graphic design – brochures, banners and buttons
Web design

Marketing communications

Communications and PRThe aim is to build trust in, and knowledge of your business through an ongoing relationship which drives sales. We believe that this is done by sharing quality content – FAQ, updates, how to …, user stories, product of the month – through the various tools available. If you don’t make a sale on the first occasion, all is not lost. By remaining in contact you will:

  • be the first name that comes to mind when the times comes for your contact to make a purchase
  • build trust as the contact gets to know you and your company
  • build your contact’s knowledge of your products and services and so increase the possibility of a sale, and
  • build referrals – your contacts may still refer their friends to you, even before using you themselves
Online content management & SEO
Email marketing
Social media marketing