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Conduit Communications is a small digital marketing consultancy led by Katie McGregor, a marketing professional with 27 years of experience in marketing, journalism and graphic design.

Founded in Hong Kong in 2011 with a staff of six, Conduit Communications serviced large and small companies, from multinational corporates such as Jones Lang LaSalle (now JLL), through to smaller startups such as Hollywood Hair, an award-winning hair salong.

Scaled down, the company now operates out of Northern Ireland where Katie is now based, providing marketing services for companies in Hong Kong as well as Northern Ireland.

Services Overview

Just as in everyday life, to get where you want to be it’s not just the way you look (branding and design) and what you say (communications), but they way you say it and when (marketing planning and execution).

We help clients manage all these aspects to grow their business.

Marketing Planning

networks - planningMarketing Planning InfographicWe help companies set up and navigate a strategic marketing plan that takes into account the company’s current situation, goals and resources to make the best use of the digital and traditional marketing options available.

A marketing plan may bring together these marketing disciplines:

  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Banner advertising
  • Remarketing
  • Internal communications

Tactics may include:

  • Competitions, coupons and offers
  • Expert advice via podcasts, blogging, webinars, Forums, Facebook groups
  • Real-life networking, demonstrations, events

Plans may be multi-layered for companies with more resources and a larger budget, or focused on a simple yet powerful system for smaller businesses.

 Marketing Plan Set Up & Execution

web design

As well as helping a business set up its marketing plan, Conduit Communications supports clients in carrying out marketing activity where they do not have sufficient in-house resources. We also help companies develop their in-house talent by training staff to use the various marketing tools, for example, WordPress, Mailchimp, Hootsuite, Google Analytics, AdWords, and Facebook & Google remarketing (PPC).

The biggest fail in marketing is not usually the lack of strategy or planning, but inconsistent execution or delivery of any plan.

 Graphic design social media postsBranding & Graphic Design

graphic-design-iconWhether you need a logo designed, brand identity guidelines set up, or ongoing graphic design work to support your marketing activities, we can help.

This is just a shortlist of graphic design projects we have carried out:

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A picture speaks a thousand words

 Marketing Communications

communications and content marketingWith short attention spans and fast-scrolling thumbs, there is nothing like the right word at the right time in digital marketing. Clear communication counts, and Katie McGregor has spent a lifetime finding the right words to catch a reader’s attention and quickly communicate key value points.

‘Content Marketing’ is a digital buzz concept but to anyone in the publishing industry, this is nothing new. To convert strangers to visitors to customers, whatever the business, the work entails reaching prospects, building awareness and trust in the brand, then nurturing the relationship.

In the digital age we have more communication tools to play with, and with video, GIFs, infographics and slideshows, we are not limited to the written word.  This brings a totally new level of power to marketing communications.

Typical communication services include:

  • Search engine optimised (SEO) web content
  • Email newsletters
  • Social media posts
  • Downloadable PDF flyers, sales pitches/presentations
  • Google AdWords adverts as well as other social media advertising

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